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Sustainability / ecology

Other actions

The Company takes a holistic view to minimising its environmental impact and not just those associated with production. All of Elplast employees are engaged in the process and it can be identified in many major and minor actions such as waste segregation across all areas. All over the company workers are reminded of saving water and energy and if they forget about it special movement sensors control their usage. The Company shows its concern even when it comes to the volume of throw away plastic bottles - we made a special plastic bottle press available to all employees. Batteries and plastic bottles screw caps are collected in special containers and handed in to organizations which deal with this particular waste. Solutions such as energy-saving lighting are also of great importance to us.

Saving paper is also one of our goals - we apply duplex printing anytime possible and systematically replace printed documentation for its electronic version. Another example was replacing paper hand towels with electric hand dryers in order to reduce paper waste.

Constant improvement

Focusing on maintaining an environmentally responsible position in the business community, we decided to minimize our impact on the world's natural resources. We decided to measure indicators such as material consumption vs. meters of produced zipper, overall equipment effectiveness, hygiene maintenance and scrap rate. Results we receive show our effectiveness in this area and motivate us to improve processes even further.

Environmental policy

We sincerely believe that our Company's success is not only reliant on favourable economic results but also from our constant attention and respect for the natural environment.

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