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Are you ready for mono material packaging?

Under plans to tackle plastic pollution published by the European Commission - all plastic packaging on the EU market should be recyclable by 2030. We know how to achieve this target!

EL-ZIP mono-materialsRule no 1. Plastic packaging is good. It’s lightweight, convenient, easy to transport, reducing the cost, extending shelf life. It’s cheap.

Rule no 2. "We can't live without plastics, but we can be killed by them if we don't change our policies." (Frans Timmermans). The million tonnes of plastic litter that end up in the oceans every year are one of their most visible and alarming signs of the plastics problem, causing growing public concern. In particular, plastic packaging accounts for about 60% of all plastic waste generated annually in the EU with around 95% of its value – in the region of 70-105bn euro – lost to the EU economy every year.

Rule no 3. Polypropylene and polyethylene, abbreviated as PP and PE, are the recyclable thermoplastic polymers widely used in flexible packages. So, the primary challenge of polypropylene recycling is to increase the rate of polypropylene recycling and at the same time to eliminate the dangerous impact of improper disposal. According to PP production and recycling figures provided by American Chemistry Council, PP is one of the least recycled post-consumer plastics, at a rate below 1 percent for post-consumer recovery.

So the solution is: Flexible mono-material packaging!

To meet market demands Elplast offers polyethylene and polypropylene zippers, with mono-material options, compatible on all major processes with sealing capability to PE and PP film. It’s time to explore switching to easier ‘mono-materials’ and change combinations of packaging materials! Start with El-ZIP Press-to-Close Zippers.