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“Best Product - Consumers' Choice 2018" - Roasted Hazelnuts by Helio Nature

We all know that it’s time of healthy products: without any preservatives and artificial additives. It’s obvious. But now consumer wants something more: food must be healthy and tasty. So, here comes the conscious and sophisticated recipient who does not want to give up either the taste or the nutritional value.

It’s not surprising that the Polish “Best Product - Consumers' Choice 2018" in the category of Dried Fruits and Nuts has became “Roasted Hazelnuts” by Helio Nature. Helio S.A. is one of the main player on the market of packaged dried fruits and nuts in Poland. The range of products - Helio Nature - was created in response to the growing demand for natural, less processed foods. Through a natural process of drying the products nutritious, juicy and soft respectively, while naturally healthy, naturally unique flavor and natural dried fruit for a dark color.

Roasted Hazelnuts is a product unique in its category; it does not contain any additives: fat, preservatives, dyes, only roasted nuts. The very intense roasting aroma is retained in the package by the use of the EL-ZIP® Press-to-Close Zipper.  As it turns out, even in small packages, there is a need for a zipper closure. Helio roasted nuts is a very high quality product, which should be packaged to fully satisfy the consumer.

The shoppers won’t choose between nutritional value and taste: they want both. The function of packaging, or rather the closure, is to protect the product against any loss of quality. Especially when we have with a premium product, that can be no lack of proper protection. Once again, we congratulate Helio and thank them for choosing our EL-ZIP® Press-to-Close Zippers.