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Elplast’s Child Safe zipper

For many years poisoning has been a leading cause of hospitalization of children - most cases occurring in children 2-6 years of age. This is primarily due to their curiosity and increased mobility and motor skills. In order to learn about the world around them, children use all five senses; it is natural to want to see, touch and open unfamiliar objects. 

Children are surrounded by products that are often sold in packages that they find intriguing. They often have a pleasant smell and interesting colors or graphics that create positive associations. In order to be successful within a market, manufacturers must continue to make their packaging more attractive.  Features that lead consumers to buy can become a trap for children, encouraging them to explore and eliminating the feeling of danger. In 2015, the OECD launched a global campaign for the safe use and storage of laundry detergents pods. As the use of detergent pods increases, so does the number of children that are poisoned by them. Annually, there are more than 16,000 cases reported worldwide.  - Elplast Group closely monitors the packaging market and analyzes all emerging challenges. We are aware that producers must create packaging that attracts the consumer’s attention while preventing children from opening, says Ewa Alejników, Head of R&D and New Projects.  ElPLAST’s solution to integrate both safety and appeal is our Child Safe zipper. It is constructed to be difficult for children yet simple for elders to open.  Upon testing the zipper in both age groups, results confirmed that it meets both requirements – continues E. Alejników. – making it the ideal closure for potentially harmful products. 

Elplast’s Child Safe zipper has generated a lot of interest within the packaging market. Clients are testing the closure in existing products and those they plan to launch in the future. –  Our company strives to exceed customer expectations as we continue creating solutions that satisfy our business partners, says Ewa Alejników. Please contact us for more information.