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EL-ZIP® Tactile Zipper

Our zipper closures are absolutely perfect for products dedicated to children: from nutrition and snacks, to toys and hygiene products. A great example is the EL-ZIP® Tactile Zipper, which gives the instinctive feeling that the package was, and stays closed. We highly recommend this solution for packaging of small toys like f.e. blocks.

EL-ZIP® mono-materials

Feel and sound zippers provide confidence of closure and ease of use - equally they can act as the fun element to help children while they learn the importance of cleaning up. EL-ZIP® Tactile Zippers are designed so that even small children have no problem closing them, and gives them the experience of satisfaction, “Wow! I did it”. Thanks to this added functionality, the package becomes an important element of the product - the consumer keeps the package after opening, and continues use with its original contents.

Application of the EL-ZIP® Zipper significantly increases consumer perception of the product and influences their next purchasing decisions. According to qualitative research collected by ELPLAST Europe, consumers are very aware of the differences between various styles of closures. There is great attention to closure types and how package experience affects perception of a product and more importantly, brand.  Overall, closure type and quality is directly related to the general assessment of product quality itself.  This means that low quality zipper can express low quality of product. And vice versa: applying a high quality zipper can substantially escalate the product’s quality perception.