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ELPLAST ECO-ZIP in Packaging Europe News

Caine Folkes-Miller, marketing and innovation director at ELPLAST Group commented: "Biodegradable flexible packaging materials are taking brands one step closer to fully sustainable packaging, which is in great demand. But consumers are very unlikely to remove the reclose system before disposal. Our ECO-ZIP technology proudly solves this dilemma for brand owners and packaging designers."

Beco stays on brand with ECO-ZIP solution

Beco is one of the first brands to use ELPLAST ECO-ZIP technology, requiring a biodegradable packaging solution that fell in line with its natural and organic ethos.

Caine Folkes-Miller said: "To produce healthy meat free pet food using unsustainable packaging was an incongruous option for Beco. Our ECO-ZIP product line uses the same high performance press to close technology as our EL-ZIP range, but with the added sustainable benefits. We worked closely with Tyler Packaging to produce the finished compostable pack made from 100% biodegradable material."

The press to close reseal system works in conjunction with the sustainable packaging solution implemented by Tyler Packaging for Beco's dry food production lines. The finished pack allows Beco's customers to enjoy a reclose zip to maximise product freshness, knowing that the disposed pack will decompose.

Beco Pets co-Founder and Design Director Toby Massey, who created the pioneering packaging for Beco's new Food for Dogs said: "Our consumers care for the wellbeing of themselves, their pets and for the wellbeing of the planet. We took great time and dedication in selecting the best organic ingredients to meet these needs within the product, and we did not want to be let down by a packaging solution that could not follow our own brand ethics."

"The sustainability credentials of ELPLAST are commendable and the team's support throughout the new project development process helped generate an ecologically sound solution."

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