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Flexible packaging

The use of #flexible #packaging is a trend that continues to gain popularity in 2020. Technological advancements in flexible packaging materials has made it suitable for many consumer products that were once restricted to hard, rigid materials. The United States produces approximately $170 billion of the global packaging market. The Flexible Packaging Association reports the flexible packaging segment accounts for 19% of the total U.S. packaging market.


There are many advantages to using flexible packaging in place of rigid packaging:

• Easier storage

• More convenient opening

• Extended shelf life

More attractive shelf appeal

• Lower cost

• Lighter weight

Better suited for e-commerce


EL-ZIP® Press to Close Zippers are suitable for bags of various shapes, materials, and provide specific functionality. #Elplast technology is used in every key market that incorporates a reclosable solution. We pay attention to the unique requirements and challenges of each market, resulting in the development of more than 250 #Press to #Close #Zipper profiles.