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How we build customer relationships

Elplast technology is used in every key market that incorporates a reclose solution, paying attention to the unique requirements or challenges of each customer.
We build strong, long-term customer relationships by focusing on specific business objectives, working effectively and efficiently, and providing technology solutions of the highest quality.

We begin each project with a thorough analysis of our customer’s expectations and knowledge of their product.  In order to offer a solution tailored specifically to their packaging and provide exceptional service, we must first understand their product.  EL-ZIP® brand zippers are available in 250+ styles from 3-50mm wide with PE, CPP, and OPP sealing capability and suitable for use in the most commonly used packaging machines and processes in the industry today.  As a result, we can offer our customers a perfect match for their type of product and expected packaging functionality.

Being effective is of the utmost importance to ELPLAST Group.  Not only do we want our zippers to work properly but that they also add value to the packaging.  We offer technical support throughout the implementation process of our zipper by offering advice and assistance in any area that may require a solution.

Do you have a challenge you’d like us to take on?  Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and our team of packaging experts and engineers will be happy to help.