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Mamma Scans meatballs in a bag with EL-ZIP®

Broad societal and consumer behavior changes are impacting food packaging.  One answer to these market demands is package downsizing – however experts note that single-serving foods are problematic for recyclers. Therefore, downsizing may not be the perfect solution. 

On the other hand, we have to consider the huge problem of food wasting. Each year 1.3bn tonnes of food, about a third of all that is produced, is wasted!

Mamma Scans meatballs

The Nordic meat and meals company – HKScan – found a solution which reconciles consumers’ needs with recycling challenges.  Sweden's most famous dish is Swedish meatballs (köttbullar) – annual consumption of chilled meatballs purchased in stores reached up to 13 000 000 kg.   Due to such high volumes, product is distributed into 1000 g bags which consumers then split up into smaller packages and put in the freezer (the most common type of households in Sweden are single person without children, which amounts to roughly 1,8 million households – meaning more leftovers and longer storage periods).

An opened package has poor shelf life, gives out a smell in the fridge and takes up the same space. Therefore, to enhance the brand, HKScan decided to relaunch Mamma Scans meatballs 1000g in a bag with EL-ZIP® Press-to-Close Zipper, provided by Elplast. The new package is consumer-friendly, takes less space, and free of odor thanks to this reclose solution. The applied Elplast zipper is easy to use and features elements of enhanced sound which provides the consumer with instinctive cues that they have successfully closed the pack. Elplast Group offers EL-ZIP® brand zippers available in over 250 different styles tailored to different kinds of clients’ needs. The company dedicates the EL-ZIP® Press-to-Close Zippers to users of horizontal and vertical packaging machines as well as pouch making lines that want to improve the quality and performance of their packaging in a simple and effective manner. HKScan has chosen 3-Profile EL-ZIP® Zipper for transverse directional application on a Vertical Form Fill and Seal packaging machine.