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New ELPLAST catalog

We proudly present the new ELPLAST catalog in which we replaced the paper folder by plastic flexible pouch with applied EL-ZIP Press-to-Close Zipper. We really care about presenting our products and we know that ELPLAST customers should have the possibility to see how the applied zipper looks like, how it opens / closes; how it works. The new ELPLAST folder can be an inspiration to start thinking about package from the smallest part – from zipper. The closure has the key importance for consumers, that’s why the ELPLAST catalog consists range of EL-ZIP® Press-to-Close Zippers arranged by functionality, features or application.

The manufacturing of the folder would not be possible without cooperation with the long-term partner of ELPLAST - Wipf AG, one of Europe's leading packaging manufacturers. Regarding the specificity of folder, it was chosen the digital printing which is perfect in such activities like promotions or real life samples for trade shows and consumer focus groups.