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New Spomlek's Serenada Cheese package features highly functional zipper!

ELPLAST, a global manufacturer of press to close zippers for flexible packaging, continues to meet the expectations of the consumer with its intuitive and easy-to-use reclose solutions.

Multi-award winner, Spomlek Dairy Co-op, is one of the largest producers of cheese in Poland and leader in the category of Precious Cheese. Spomlek, with its passion for healthy milk products, has now introduced a new package for its Serenada Cheese.

The new package features ELPLAST’s highly functional zipper and allows consumers to keep the product in its original packaging. Spomlek's Serenada Cheese, among many other multi-serve products, will now stay fresher, longer.

Specially designed elements of feel and sound have also been added to this reclose solution to provide the consumer with instinctive cues that they have successfully closed the package.  This functionality is available on a large variety of press to close solutions from our EL-ZIP® range of over 200 zipper options.

For information about Spomlek Serenada range of cheese visit