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The little things mean the most

What do consumers know about resealable closure? Are they able to differentiate between various styles of zippers? Is there a demand for zippers that offer added functionality?

These are only a few questions we explored with our respondents during qualitative research conducted by Arket Institute and ELPLAST Europe.  So what did we find?  100% of respondents indicated zippers as the most comfortable and preferred closure, which guarantees freshness and quality. Consumers are very aware of the differences between various styles of EL-ZIP® Press-to-Close Zippers.  87.5 % of women (43-55 years) chose our audible & tactile zipper – finding it as secure and comfortable to use.  The audible & tactile functionality was created to provide instinctive cues that the package is closed, and offer sensory satifcation when opening. 79.2 % of consumers chose our dissymetric opening forces zipper as the perfect closure for bigger packages (dissymmetric opening force zippers are easy to open by the consumer and impossible to open from the inside while under the pressure of the heavy content).  68.8 % of women chose multiprofile zippers versus single profile zippers. They found our multiprofile zippers very easy to open and close.