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Variety in dried fruit and nuts

Did you know that dried fruits are among the oldest preserved foods? They are said to have originated in the Arabian regions in Southwestern Asia. Whether as a snack between meals or as a topping on various dishes, dried fruit adds creativity to the kitchen. Another advantage: The gentle dehydration process prevents the loss of nutrients and preserves quality consistency.

Wipf AG produced 33 different stand-up pouches for My Dry Food. The individual varieties were printed on our digital press line. Our pouch department was responsible for the conversion operations. The stand-up pouches have different convenience features such as starter notches and double laser scoring. The integrated zipper allows the pouch to be opened and closed any number of times. A see-through window is an added asset. It invites a first glance at the delectable dried fruit and nut assortments right on the shelf.

In the near future, the innovative company will launch a special “date” variety for the Ramadan fasting period. We are looking forward to many new creations from

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