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Potentially harmfull products? 

Throughout history, one of the most common causes of poisoning, often fatal, in young children is the accessibility to medication and various household chemicals.  In an effort to create a solution to this problem, Elplast group designed a Child Resistant zipper:  difficult for children yet easy for adults to open.

According to a British magazine published by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, 90 percent of adults are barely able to open child resistant packaging used for medications because it is “too safe.”  Many adults over 50 do not have the strength and require assistance from someone more capable.  This often leads to them transferring their medication to containers that are easier to open which, unfortunately, are also easier for children to open.The testing of our Child Resistant zipper was performed according to PN-EN ISO 8317:2016-03.In launching ELPLAST’s Child Resistant zipper, the goal was to avoid a situation in which seniors would struggle to properly open and close it, says Ewa Alejników, Head of R&D and New Projects.  It was tested by two different panels:  154 preschool children and 100 adults over the age of 50, in order to assess each group’s level of ease and difficulty in opening the closure.

The testing of ELPLAST’s Child Resistant zipper was done by The Łukasiewicz Research Network, an integrated market player which provides attractive, comprehensive and competitive business solutions in automation, chemicals, biomedicine, ICT, materials and advanced manufacturing.  We chose The Łukasiewicz Research Network based on their test quality, reliability and experience, ensuring the survey would be carried out according to the necessary standards and guidelines, continues E. Alejników.

Participants tested stand-up pouches with 2 different dimensions:  152 x 520 mm and 240 x 580 mm.  None of them had a professional role in designing, producing or using the packages outside of testing.We implement 100% transparency and objectivity of our research, says Ewa Alejników, ensuring credible and accurate results.  Please contact us with questions regarding any aspect of ELPLAST’s Child Resistant zipper.