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Delivering the highest possible quality levels of EL-ZIP® products is a priority for us, as reflected in our choice of only the best quality raw materials and continuous improvement of management processes and production. Applying in practice and constantly improving quality management systems compliant with ISO 22000:2018 does not focus on fixing the bugs, but on their effective avoidance.

March 31, 2020 Elplast was granted BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials issue 6 confirming the implementation and meeting the highest requirements for packaging manufacturers and packaging materials. Obtaining certification means the fulfillment of our high standards in terms of quality, hygiene and product safety in all areas of the company.

As part of the continuous improvement of our management system, we implemented environmental management system that comply with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and integrated this into the existing management system. This next step underlines our understanding of the role of our organization in the environment, protecting natural resources and meeting customer demand by meeting and exceeding the ecological & sustainable expectations of suppliers.