The Elplast company focuses its efforts on activities aimed at reducing the potential negative impact of our company’s operations on the natural environment. Our approach is most fully expressed in four key areas, which are energy consumption, water consumption, waste management and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy consumption

Our company uses energy sources in an optimal way – we reduce the energy costs of the building by using geothermal heat pumps. Heat pumps transport geothermal heat into the building using a small amount of electricity.


During the production process, a large amount of heat is generated, which is distributed throughout the building as an additional source of heating. Thanks to this, we have resigned from the need to use coal, fuel oil or gas, and thus we do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Water consumption

We also save water – process water that we use for production purposes circulates in a closed circuit and is reused after filtering and purification.

Waste management

An important issue of our activity is also waste management. Waste generated during production is transferred to external companies dealing with waste recycling.


The company places great emphasis on minimizing the negative impact on the environment, not only on a production scale. All employees are involved in this process on a smaller or larger scale, e.g. by segregating waste in every possible place in the company. Throughout the plant, employees are reminded to save water and electricity, but if they forget about it, special motion sensors control the consumption of utilities. The company also attaches great importance to reducing the volume of waste, e.g. in the form of PET plastic bottles – all employees have access to a special press for such bottles. Batteries and plastic caps are stored in specially designed containers, then they are handed over to organizations that deal with this type of waste. Solutions such as energy-saving lighting are also of great importance to us.

Saving in paper consumption is one of our missions – we try to use double-sided printing at every possible occasion. We also systematically replace paper documentation with its electronic version. Another idea was to replace paper towels with electric hand dryers – this is a way to effectively reduce the amount of paper waste.

constant iMPROVEMENT

Focusing on maintaining the status of a company that treats the issue of the environment responsibly, we decided to minimize our impact on natural resources. Therefore, we measure and record indicators such as media consumption per meter of produced string, production line efficiency, hygiene level and the amount of waste. The results we receive confirm our effectiveness in this area and motivate us to further improve these processes.

environmental POLICY

We sincerely believe that the success of our company is influenced not only by good economic results, but also by constant care for the natural environment.