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New cheese packaging

Cheese packaging is constantly changing. Consumers want packages in various sizes that are convenient, easy to store, easy to open/ re-close and protecting cheese from exposure to air, moisture and other contaminants.
In cooperation with PFM Polish leading dairy company Mlekpol has created new packaging of its product. Unlike the classic packaging, the Grated Gouda Cheese (135 g) is packed in stand-up pouch supplemented with the El-ZIP® Press to Close Zipper.
For grated cheese PFM has created its new multi-mode Vetta II bagging machine, able to meet marketing demands for pack versatility and variety by providing over 20 different bag styles from a single machine, in addition to traditional pillow packs. PFM and MBP have developed a complete packaging and weighing line for grated cheese, which achieves the highest levels of speed and precision brilliantly overcoming the technical issues arising from the processing of this particular product.

El-ZIP® Press to Close Zippers are easy to close, contaminant resistant and provide high performance. Even our sound zippers maintain their airtight properties which means products stay fresher for longer. Grated cheese or starch powder in the closure? El-ZIP® Press to Close Zippers will continue to function.